Taylor Family Photo Club

Welcome to the Taylor Family Photo Club, where Daniel and Micah Taylor put pictures of their family, so friends and family can enjoy at any time!

Of course, we could just use Facebook, but we'd like to keep the rights to our photos, and we're a little concerned about the effect of being constantly published on the mind of a child. Thus, this.


Navigate to the different pages of the site with these links:
Photos: the point of this website itself. You'll need to email Daniel so he can make you an account, if you'd like to see the photos.
Blog: maybe we'll update this as time goes on. If we do, it will probably have notes and updates about the Taylor Family.
Wiki: the knowledge base of all things Taylor family. Will be updated as we are updated. Anyone can edit, so use your account to make this better!
Videos: a few fun videos. Password protected, of course.


If something isn't working, email Daniel and let him know.

Last updated October 4, 2014.